Origin Story

Hey, I’m WISCO, and web.MD says I’ve been diagnosed with ADD! Like my attention span, I’ll try and keep this short. How’s your day been? If it was awful or in any way depressing please contact me at (920)BIG-YIKES so I can write a song about you and your troubles. Don't worry, you’ll probably hear me sing about my nonexistent love life and constant longing for acceptance. I’ve found that the best way to express yourself is to bottle up all your emotions ,and never tell the girl of your dreams how you feel. Classic WISCO!

Music (Coming Soon)


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Track List

While I Slowly Carry On


Floating On




Press Kit

 "another great addition for Dirty Hit!" - The Daily BUgle

 "Estatic for WISCOS EP release"- the Daily Planet

"3 out of 5 stars"- Dad


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